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 Narwhal Hunter MM

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Age : 23
Registration date : 10-05-24

InläggRubrik: Narwhal Hunter MM   mån maj 24, 2010 1:31 pm

Name : Jonas .

Where are you from ?
Norway (Trondheim)

Gearscore ?
5801 atm

450 Alchemy ( Elixir Master ) and 450 Mining.

Age ?
15 years in October.

How long have you played WoW ?
I have played some when it was only vanilla , but started up a little bit before 3,3 patch.

Do you see your self as an active player ?
Yeah , i play after school everyday , but somedays i'm outside with my friends.

The character you wish to join the guild ?

Characters class and race ?
Troll Hunter .

The spec you raid with ?
Marksmanship and i have BM tanking spec for Zul Gurub farm.

Played time on character ?
40 days played time on this character. So i play alot Smile

Your armory profile :

Alt's worth naming ?
No , i focus on my main so i can push the DPS and GS to the limit.

Previous guild's ?
I was in MOAR DOTS.

Why did you leave the guild ?
I left because they had bad raiding times and they had no expirience in Icc.

Do you have any IRL friends ?
Muthas = Kingslayer 25 man.
Mjølk = 5,9k gs and 11/12 progress in Icc 10 man.

Do you have Ventrilo and mic ?
Ofc , and my english is not so bad. Smile

Why do you wan't to join Enraged ?
Because i'm looking for a good guild and i have heard alot about your guild. I'm looking for a guild who can help me do more bosses in Icecrown Citedal and i wan't to join a guild where i unterstand the langue

Wich days can you raid ?
Monday,Tuesday,Wensday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday and Sunday . From 17.00 - 23.00 in the weekdays and 17.00 - 02.00 in the weekends and and holidays.

I hope you consider me as a potential Enraged member.
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Narwhal Hunter MM
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