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 Spotx - fury warrior

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InläggRubrik: Spotx - fury warrior   sön maj 23, 2010 1:17 am

Personal Information
-Real name: Steffen
- Real age: 15
- Country: Norway (Trondheim)
- Job (if any): school atm
- Spoken Languages: english and norwegian
-Are you the original owner of your account?: Ofc;)
- Additional information (maybe tell us abit about yourself): I am a 15 years old boy who lives in Norway. love to be with friends and play wow:)

Character Information
- Name: Spotx (5714 gs)
- Race:Orc
- Class: warrior
- Desired role: Fury Dps

- Ingame proffesions & skill: Skinning 450 and LW 200

- Armory link: -

-How long have you been playing wow: - 4 years

-Do you have alts?: 70 dk and some other low lv`s

- General information Why do you want to join Enraged: I want a active raidning guild and i love your progres:) And i wanna be in same guild as punisher(good IRL mate of me)

- Why should we consider to accept You? What will you bring to our guild? Well im a social and active gamer. and i never say no to a laugth:)
And i learn new tacts vert fast.

-Previous guild, and reason you left? Pwnografic but i was disbanned. So i joined Old Area but what a more guild with more skilled player and bether progres. so what to leave and join Enraged

- Do you consider yourself as an active player, how many hours a week ? Yeah i do. i play from 3-5 hours each day.

- Do you know anyone who's currently in our guild? Yeah. know punìsher very well. hes my IRL friend

- Do you have any offspecc or alt you enjoy playing, and what kind of gear? no i pref fury

- Are you ready to wipe during a complete raid on 1 boss just for progress? Ofc. need to wipe to learn the tacts 100% so im not that person who leaves because of wipes.

- Can you handle constructive comments and / or replacement for some fights for progress? Yeah, if i do some ting wrong i would like to hear it. And if the replacement if imortan for the figth i understand it.

- Do you have Ventrilo 3 or newer, and are you able to speak? yeah got VT 3.0 and a mic who works:)

Previous raid experience
-Pre TBC: Was lvling then;P but have done onyxia and molten core at lvl 70:)
- TBC: Done some radis in pre TBC (kara and stuff like that)
- WotLK: Toc 5/5 10/25, Icc 7/12 10 amn and 6/12 25 man

- Raiding availability
- Monday: 15.00 to 24.00
- Tuesday: 15.00 to 24.00
- Wednesday:15.00 to 24.00
- Thursday: 15.00 to 24.00
- Friday:15.00 to 24.00
- Saturday: 11.00 to 05.00
- Sunday: 11.00 to 05.00

Anny question? ask plz:)
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Spotx - fury warrior
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