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 Pettfett - Arms Warrior

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Registration date : 09-10-27

InläggRubrik: Pettfett - Arms Warrior   tis okt 27, 2009 6:43 pm

- I'm norwegian, but I decided to write on english on this application.
- I understand swedish pretty well, so the understanding-part won't be a problem.

Rubrik: Arms Warrior


- Petter


- 16 years old

Hur länge har du spelat WoW?

- I've played WoW since the vanilla times, but I haven't played serious untill the start of TBC. After I did ZA and Karazhan fairly early
on my alliance night elf hunter, I stopped playing, and came back a year later and rerolled mage. I gave the mage away to a friend
and rerolled warrior which is pettfett.

Anser du dig själv som en aktiv spelare?

- Yes I do, I have always time to raid, if there's not an important thing to do, like a test at school or something the next day.

Den ansökande karaktärens namn:

- Pettfett

Karaktärens klass & ras:

- Troll warrior

Nuvarande specc & specc du vill raida med, anser du att det är den bästa speccen?:

- Arms warrior: I think that's the best spec at the moment compared to my gear. Fury might be a better option when I get the
ideal gear.

Är du villig till att specca om för din guild om de behövs?:

- I was tank in the early wotlk, so tanking is no problem at all. I just need gear for it :-)

Overall healing/dps:

- I was on 4,5k-5k dps before I got the relentless axe, with my ironsoul, I guess Im at least 5k dps, I'm pretty sure it could be close to 5.5k Smile
I do 4k dps on the lvl 80 raid dummy self buffed with relentless axe.

Din karaktärs played:

- 42 days played.

Din armory profil

- http://armory.wow-europe.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Deathwing&n=Pettfett

Dina erfarenheter av end-game instanser på 80:

- I've done all instances except toc 10/25 hc. I've mostly raided on my Holy Paladin named Kirky. So to see the achievements go on this page:) http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Deathwing&n=Kirky

Dina tidigare PVE-erfarenheter från TBC och pre-TBC:

- ZG in vanilla WoW on my hunter. Karazhan and ZA in TBC. Did also do Gruul's lair, maggy and all those in the end of TBC when it was pugable on Pettfett ; )

Eventuella alt's värt att nämna:

- Kirky - Holy Paladin. Reached 2.2k rating with him in 2v2 season 6. Playing a 2k+ rated cleave team atm which will most likely go for gladiator title this season.

Tidigare guild/guilder:

- Been in Fatal Addiction for 1 year on Pettfett. Was in Good Omen and Momentum on Kirky.

Varför lämnade du den/dem?

- GO disbanded, Momentum wasn't the guild for me, didn't get invited to much raids, nor did I have a chance to show them what I could do. That's why I left.

Har du någon IRL vänn som kan gå i god för dig?

- I am in real life friend with Zibera <3 I've also played a lot with Hunsy. I probably know a lot of others as well, but can't remember them right now (a)

Har du ventrilo samt mikrofon?

- Yes I have both.

Varför vill du joina Enraged?

- I've wanted to join for a long time, and I've heard a lot of positive rumours about you

vilka dagar kan du raida?

Pretty much every day except days before tests, and weekends (Friday, saturday)

- I have to say that I'm an alchemist/herbalist, so helping out with flasks and such before raids is np.
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The Retarded

Antal inlägg : 3
Registration date : 09-02-14

InläggRubrik: Sv: Pettfett - Arms Warrior   tis okt 27, 2009 7:06 pm

Ser lite fullt ut atm, men vi ska diskutera detta du får svar under helgen.
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Pettfett - Arms Warrior
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